Blessing Lamps

Blessing lamps are used when praying and seeking blessing. Because the light symbolizes the primordial spirit, the inner light and wisdom to be like the sea. 

When the lamps are lit up, the priest will observe the burning condition of the candle and give advice on what the individual needs to pay attention to at present. This is a vast difference from the blessing lamps we light ourselves in the temple. 

Depending on the needs, each individual can light a lamp and make a wish. 

Blessing Lamp: That is to light up the primordial spirit(‘Yuanchen’) and pray for peace and prosperity. The lights are not extinguished to symbolize breaking the darkness and illuminating the future.

Tai Sui Lamp: The zodiac of the year clashes with the Tai Sui of the year, so it is necessary to “Appease Tai Sui” to pray for peace and success for the year. 

Wenchang Lamp: Passing your examinations and increasing your   examination luck. Other than people taking examinations, office workers can pray for job promotion and career success. 

Wealth Fortune Lamp: Pray for prosperous financial luck, abundant financial resources, prosperous career, and smooth business operation. 

Relationship Lamp: Pray for love and relationship for singles and couples. In addition, it can help married couples have better relationships, love and unity. 

Pingan Lamp: Pray for family protection, safety and wellness within the household.  

Medicine Buddha Lamp: Pray for good health and help the sick to seek blessing for good health. 

Worship the Dippers Lamp: Through the ritual, pray for the exorcism of evil spirits and the prolongation of life and protection.  Seek blessing for prosperous career and good investment profits. It is also a folk saying that pray for longevity and worship the Dippers. 

Various types of Deity Lamps: Mazu, Guanyin Buddha to keep safe, Zhusheng Niangniang to seek marriage, Sanguan Emperor to seek peace and eliminate disasters, etc. (This must be carried out in conjunction with a ritual for the results to be the most effective)


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