Mao Shan Cultural Centre


The priests in the Centre are following his master’s instruction to establish fate-affinities in Singapore.

Our sect would like to give back after our post was enthusiastically received. We are offering free protection talismans to establish fate-affinities in SG. Please Whatsapp us the following (Full Name in Chinese, Gender, Lunar Date of Birth with Birth Time and Address) to assist in the calculation so as to prepare a customized talisman based on the individual’s fortune and needs. The talismans are exclusively prepared by Master Dao Lin. Quantities are limited, so please seize this opportunity.

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In this world, there are all sorts of wonders. No matter how vast one’s knowledge may be, it is impossible to know and see everything. Not to mention the world of spirits and deities! The beliefs in spirits and deities that have been passed down for thousands of years cannot even be proven by science. As ordinary individuals viewing the world with our limited perspectives, how broad and deep can our understanding truly be? It’s difficult! With life being so short and us struggling to understand ourselves in just a few decades, how can we even begin to comprehend other worlds?

Those who are short-sighted and ignorant live in their own world, unable to even understand the world beyond borders, let alone…

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China’s Maoshan Heritage has passed on for thousands of years, but how did it pass on to Taiwan after a break in tradition from the forefather masters? What is the specific lineage in Taiwan that has inherited the Taoist culture?

The true Chinese Taoist culture and cultivation lineage is not merely about Dao De Jing

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