Do I have to pay?

Master will like to form affinities with sincere and genuinely in need devotees. The first consultation is free.

I have more than one topic to ask.

You can make use of the first free consultation to speak to Master. For deeper discussion or consult more topics, subsequent consultation fees will apply. Joining us as a member grants you unlimited question consultations within a year.

What do I need to provide?

Full Name in Chinese, Gender, Date of Birth and Birth time

How is the consultation conducted?

Non emergency enquiries will be conducted via Whatsapp.

I have submitted my information when will I hear from Master?

Please respect the professionals. The Masters will decide if they will answer your queries. They will reply to you within three days. If they refuse to answer, they will provide an appropriate response to you.

Can I meet the Master in person?

Of course you can, but it may be a bit difficult. After all, we are in Taiwan. Whether in person or not, we are confident that we can help you irregardless.

I have urgent request.

Please directly call our WhatsApp hotline, Miss Tan will first understand what the problem is, in order to handle your urgent matter as soon as possible.

I am unable to provide the requested information.

If you are unable to provide your real name and birth details, it will be disadvantageous for the fortune-telling calculation. We make use of our cultivated skill of fortune-telling techniques to predict and determine the crisis or illnesses that may occur in life. Therefore, it is still recommended to provide the necessary information.

Mao Shan

Mao Shan sect is an evil sect which uses powerful black magic?

If you have such understanding, it can only be said that you know very little. The spells and talismans of Mao Shan do indeed possess powerful forces and precisely because of these powerful forces and blessing from our Mao Shan founding ancestor that we have such a reputation. In addition, there are many unscrupulous priests amongst us, which is why there is such a reputation in Taoism and even the society at large. However, if you understand the origins of those unscrupulous sects, Mao Shan sect being an evil sect is merely just gossips and is not even worth mentioning.



I am afraid of being scammed. Are you guys fraud syndicates?

Since 1983, My mentor, Mr Lee Gong Ming” has been serving individuals in Taiwan and Mainland China for 40 years. During this time, he has also founded Chinese Taoism Mao Shan Alchemy Association「中国道家茅山丹道协会」in Taiwan, which enjoys an esteemed reputation in the Taoist community. It is not an exaggeration to say that he has served tens of thousands of followers, and his disciples are spread across 18 countries worldwide.

The rest need not be further elaborated, we await the fate-affiliated individual.

Why are the priests located in Taiwan and not in Singapore?

Not sure if our Singaporean friends know of this phrase?

The phrase is said that everything is difficult at the start . We know very little about Singapore, only that we share a common ancestry as Chinese people who speak Mandarin. We want to promote the correct Taoist culture to all parts of the world. We firmly believe that these traditions and beliefs can be spread to everyone through the individuals we have served as we plant these ‘seeds’ in each person, allowing them to grow and flourish, and achieve a prosperous future outcome. However, before achieving these goals, we do not have enough resources and manpower to establish a Taoist Altar in Singapore for everyone to have a centralized location for faith. Please pardon us for now.

Where is the altar?

Our masters do not necessarily need to have an altar like temples with spirit mediums in order to work. However, if you are interested in meeting us in Taiwan, we are more than happy to schedule a time with you. But an appointment must be made in advance.

Do you have classes to attend? I want to become a disciple under Master.

Yes, please inquire with a sincere heart, do not be disrespectful. We will ask for necessary information and find out about relevant content from you.

Which are the official platforms that the Centre is on?

You can currently contact us using WhatsApp, email or by visiting our official website.

Services and Rituals

What are the chargeable services?

Consultations via the website are free for the first time, limiting to consultations only. If you need decisive answers or life guidance or engage ritual services, fees will be charged.

What are the fees for talisman? What are the fees for ritual?

We do not have fixed prices, setting standardized prices is irresponsible.

Everyone faces different crisis and situations, so you need to go through consultation in order to understand where the crux of the problem lies. It is very much like a doctor diagnosing an illness. Customized solutions naturally come with different fees. This is the professional service we can offer.

Will there be backlash when I request for talismans?

This question is not a point of question at all. The concept of backlash in spells only exists in unorthodox or evil practices. Traditional Taoist priests’ role is to identify and resolve life’s crisis, therefore reversing fate. How could there be backlash?

Therefore, believers only need to worship our Maoshan ancestors with compassion and blessings, praying for peace and safety.

Can I invite Master to audit my overseas property?

This is definitely possible. We have great confidence in being able to help people change their fate. As we need to set off from Taiwan, accommodation and meals must be arranged by the requestor. Consultation on this project requires providing us with sufficient information for us to assess and confirm that we can help before we take on the case. Cooperation between both parties is necessary and it is recommended to have a discussion first to establish basic trust.

Do you sell any lucky charm products to place at home or to be worn?

Each person’s crisis and obstacles are predetermined by fate, so everyone’s situation will be different. How can we use mere lucky charm products to try to resolve everyone’s crisis?

We provide objective and authentic advice and solutions, not seeking popularity by pandering to the crowd. We should tailor our approach to each individual’s situation, and use different methods to dispel misfortune based on the circumstances. This is the responsible way of the Taoist.