Mao Shan Cultural Centre

We operate an orthodox Taoist Cultural Centre with the aim of assisting those lost in the journey of life, enabling them to immediately find ultimate solutions.

Based on the philosophical principles of Taoism and complemented by the practices acquired, we tailor solutions to the difficulties encountered in life. This is the experience and culture passed down by orthodox Taoism for thousands of years.

In Singapore, with its rich racial and religious background, we take this opportunity to share our Taoist culture with the residents.

Master Wan Ming

Master Wan Ming (also known as Mr Li Gongming) founded the Mao Shan Zong Tan in Taiwan in 1990. Today, his disciples and grand disciples are spread across 18 countries around the world.

Master Wan Ming has published 43 books to date, and in the early days, he was invited to participate in the recording of Taiwanese television programmes as an expert or senior consultant to share his vast knowledge.

His disciple, Master Dao Lin is now following the master’s instructions to establish Mao Shan Cultural Centre, hoping to gradually help the general public build up knowledge and awareness of the Taoist cultural heritage.

Master Wan Ming began his Taoist practice at the young age of 16. He later had the opportunity to be guided by an immortal master, leading him to unlock the true understanding and cultivation in his practice. He inherited the profound teachings of the Mao Shan tradition, and thus, he shares his understanding of Taoist principles through his publications. His hope is to provide the general public with a better understanding and guidance on Taoist culture.

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